In the Tiamat Studios hosting control panel you’ll find a convenient to use site generation tool that you can utilize to create a brand new, super cool website on your own. It’s very easy to understand, even if you are not tech savvy. The tool has a range of website themes found in numerous color set–ups that you could edit up to your liking. Moreover, your site will appear superb on phones, tablets and computers!

The site generation tool is available with all Linux shared hosting plans, VPS plans, Linux semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated web hosting plans packages which are sold with the Tiamat Studios Control Panel.

A user friendly site generation tool

No coding knowledge is required

The goal of our site generation tool is to make website creation straightforward and to help you craft a super cool website without the need to type even a single line of CSS, HTML, or another coding languages.

You could do all that by means of layout elements which you can add to each website theme and then modify and relocate as you wish. Plus, you can trash the elements you have no use for with just a click. Should you want to make your website more engaging, you can quickly add videos and photos, or even an image gallery to it.

Plus, everything functions seamlessly.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

An assortment of easy–to–redesign designs

Cool website designs that look flawless across mobile devices

To set up the perfect site, you will need a reliable base. For this reason, the Tiamat Studios’s site generation tool has a vast collection of distinctive design themes, fit for any type of websites – personal pages, online shops, discussion boards, etc.

Every design template is easy–to–customize, with a number of layouts, unique color setups and in–built support for over a hundred different fonts. And you can tweak each of these settings with a click. Plus, to top it all off, if at any moment you want to replace your template and opt for a new one, all personalizations you’ve made will be switched over automatically.

An assortment of easy–to–redesign designs