The Domains Manager, incorporated inside of the Control Panel helps you to easily maintain numerous domain names from just one location. Not only that, it allows you to maintain your domain names within the exact same spot you deal with your website. And also our Domains Manager arrives stuffed with the tools you’ll ever require to have total control over your domain names.

Multiple Domain Name

Manage Whois, name servers, custom DNS

No matter how many domains you may have, you can deal with them with a click of the mouse via the Tiamat Studios Domains Manager! You are able to manage the WHOIS details, change the name servers as well as integrate custom DNS records to as many domains as you would like from your Control Panel.

Aided by the Domains Manager, you will get direct access to the files of your respective domain names and you will be capable to modify the included e–mail accounts as well. In addition, you will be able to observe the web numbers for every one of your domain names. The bulk option helps you register and then renew a variety of domains at the same time.

Hepsia File Manager

DNS Records

Command all DNS records

With the Control Panel, you’ll find an option to set all kinds of DNS records for your own domain names. You can easily forward your domains to external hosts through A or AAAA records, make use of third party mail servers by using MX records, put in place domain name redirection together with CNAME records, allow support for more services through TXT records, etc. You can modify the configured DNS records and also return them to their standard values with merely a click of the mouse.

Beyond the customizable DNS records, you too can register name servers which can be based upon your web address. Therefore all of your customers will discover your brand, rather than our generic name servers, every time they make a WHOIS search.

Hepsia File Manager