Creating backups is a feature that's offered by the majority of web hosting businesses around. This is an extremely useful feature as it is a guarantee that you won't lose vital information in the event that something happens with your Internet sites and there are lots of possible reasons for that - another person getting access to your account, deleting content by mistake, doing an unsuccessful update of a script-driven app, and so on. So long as you've got a backup, the damage in each of these cases is easy to fix, but you'll need to act fast as most companies keep only one backup a day and each new one removes the previous one, therefore a delay of 48 hrs means losing everything. Our groundbreaking backup system was developed with the idea to avoid this sort of situations and it will permit you to choose what content to restore and from what date given that you'll have a lot of backups to pick from.

Browsable Daily Backups in Shared Hosting

When you get one of our shared hosting solutions, we'll keep backups of all of your information 4 times a day, so if anything needs to be restored, you can use the most up-to-date copy, which means no loss of data or minimal harm in case that you have added info after the last backup was created. You'll also be able to browse all backups going seven days back through the File Manager section of your Control Panel, so you'll be able to very easily find and restore the files that you need from the exact time that you need. The restoration is as basic as copying a file or a folder from one location to another, consequently no special competencies are required. For security reasons all backup files are read-only to make sure that content can't be deleted from them by accident. With this platform you will never have to concern yourself with the integrity of your files no matter what because we shall consistently have at least several copies which you shall always be able to search through from inside your Control Panel.

Browsable Daily Backups in Dedicated Hosting

If you go for any of our Linux semi-dedicated servers, our system will create backups of any content which you create or upload by default. This happens 4 times per day at regular intervals and the copies are stored for a minimum of one week in order to make certain that in case you need an older backup, we'll have it. We have improved this feature much more considering that we've made it possible to surf all available backups as ordinary folders in the File Manager of the hosting Control Panel. This will provide you with more control over your sites since you could see when every one of the backups has been generated and you can restore any file or folder by copying it to the active domain directory within your account. Certainly, our tech support can help you with that, but in case you need anything to be restored quickly, you will not have to lose time. With our backup service, you won't need to worry about losing important data even in the event that you figure out that you need it a few days later.