When you upload a file on a web hosting server, it will take an amount of storage space on the hard disk drive depending on its size. If you manage a script-driven site which keeps its data in a database, it will take more disk space, the more people use it. For example, in the event that you have a message board, the greater number of opinions people write, the larger the database will get. Messages, in particular ones which have attachments, also need some disk space in the website hosting account. The hard disk space quota you will get with any shared hosting provider is the full amount of data you can have at any moment, it includes website files, messages plus databases. Similarly, a home computer has a hdd and the computer programs installed on it as well as all documents and music files that you create or download take some disk space, which can't surpass the overall capacity of the hard disk.

Disk Space in Shared Hosting

All our shared hosting plans were created with the notion that lack of disk space shouldn't be something that can stop the development of your websites. Because of this we have taken an approach which is more advanced than the one that most website hosting suppliers take - rather than creating a variety of accounts on a single server and eventually running out of storage space, we employ a cloud hosting platform where the storage is taken care of by a whole cluster of servers. As a result, we're able to attach more machines when they are required and / or more hard drives, to be able to provide you with additional disk space for all the files of our clients. Separate clusters control the e-mail messages and the databases, so not only are you able to expand your websites not worrying about space, but also all of the servers will operate better and faster as every single service does have its storage space and a single server does not handle various kinds of files.

Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Servers

With all our semi-dedicated server plans, the hdd storage attribute is unrestricted, so that you'll be able to concentrate on building your web sites the way you like and not be concerned about hitting a limit. Unlike a number of hosting suppliers that generate accounts on a single server, we employ a custom-built cloud platform, which allows us to offer truly unrestricted disk storage for each and every account. With a single machine, there're only so many hard disks which you can use, not mentioning that the most common hosting Control Panels weren't intended to function with a large number of servers simultaneously. Our platform, by contrast, includes clusters of servers for the web site emails, databases and files, plus our in-house Hepsia Control Panel was created to work with it. We'll connect as many servers to any of the clusters as needed any time, so the hard disk space is practically limitless.

Disk Space in VPS Servers

For all our VPS plans, our company offers plenty of disk space for your content that suits the rest of the server features, consequently a higher plan includes a greater allowance. You can use the storage as you see fit, because there are no specific allowances for the site files, emails or databases - they all share the whole storage space of your server. Yet, in case you'd like to have some limits, you are able to acquire your VPS package with cPanel or DirectAdmin as the hosting Control Panel, then you'll be able to make web hosting accounts with a fixed volume of disk storage for each individual domain that you host on the server. In case you want additional storage at some point, you can quickly boost your plan with several clicks and then the extra features will be added to your current account, so you will not be required to move anything and all your websites will stay up and running.

Disk Space in Dedicated Servers

The lowest HDD space that you can get when you use our dedicated servers is 500 GB. You will have two hard disk drives, 250 gigabytes each, and it will be up to you just how you will utilize this space. You can easily have the disks in RAID, so all your information will be protected as one drive will function as a real-time mirror of the other, or perhaps you can have them operate individually, so as to use the overall storage space volume that'll be available to you. The disk space of our dedicated web hosting plans is enough for everything - major e-stores, file depository portal, personal archive clone, and many other things. We will never restrain your websites with regard to the storage space they require. When that they begin growing, we offer you the chance to add further hard disks to your present server as needed. When you get the server with DirectAdmin or cPanel for the hosting Control Panel, you can create a unique account for every single hosted domain name and set a specific disk storage space allowance for it. With Hepsia all of the domain names will be hosted in one place and they'll share the total server space.